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Post Birthday Post

I would not dream of ending this month without a birthday post.

Though since its late, its called a post birthday post :-)

Forgive me for being corny.

I've heard the saying that "the secret to being young is to lie a about your age".  This might be true.

And I know that a lot of women practice this.

But for me, birthdays are more than just getting older.

Its being given another year to grow, to change and to get better.

They say that "you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough".

And I am happy to be given a chance to celebrate this life with the people that matter.

And I am grateful for my family and friends for continuing to make my life a series of exciting and memorable moments.

Thanks for the gifts too...

18th Hot Air Balloon Festival

Its not everyday that you get to see hot air balloons flying our Philippines skies.
That is why my sisters and I traveled to Clark at 3am last Sunday to experience the last day of the hot air balloon festival.

Dubbed as "a weekend of everything that flies", the event showcased multiple aerial shows including kite flying, paragliding and flying exhibitions.
I would have to say that aside from the balloons, the most exciting part was the flying exhibition of Brietling jets featuring French pilots.
Yes I know, those last two words are enough to make any sane woman swoon. Add the fact that they were doing all sorts of flying exhibitions and death defying stunts that really amazed the crowd.

Even with lack of sleep and the scorching sun, it still made the trip memorable and worth the early travel.
I encourage you to go and experience it next year.  It's more fun here :-)

Happiness ON/OFF

If only happiness can be turned ON/OFF like a light switch.

Anti Valentines Girl

I know its stupid to rant about my yet again, dateless Valentines Day.

After all, it was my choice.

Still, I would love to spend it a little differently next time around.

Maybe, a little less sad (or bitter)?

Let me just give you an idea why I am an "Anti Valentines Girl" and some reasons for the popularity of this movement:

Here's one that says Post Valentines Day is a popular day for divorce.

A site where you can order Dirty Rotten Flowers to your most hated ex who ruined your faith in love and romance.

A woman who got a little too techy and creative in dumping her boyfriend.  And in announcing it too.  Proof that we do get a little crazy on V-day.

Some Anti Valentines Day card like this one below from

How about living in a country that cancels V-Day?

Personally, I like being SAD:

Though I prefer watching 500 Days of Summer instead.

But since I know I am weird, and my personal belief won't change the world, let me just give you this one nice pick up line:

Happy post…

Read: The Fault In Our Stars

"It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” - Augustus Waters, The Fault In Our Stars
It was my sisters who introduced me to John Green.

And it was John Green who made me realize that one does not get to choose if we get hurt in this world, but that we do have a say on who hurts us.

But ultimately, it was Hazel Grace and Augustus who made me cry.

Reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks' A Walk to Remember, here is another tearjerking story of survival and the tragedy of young love.  

A book to warm your hearts and cleanse your soul.

Be ready to laugh and then cry.  A lot.

Note:  Image courtesy of

Watch: Samurai X

Is it possible to fall in love with a movie?

I just did.

I’d never thought that I would ever see a live action version of my favorite cartoon series Samurai X.  Exclusively released by SM cinema, I made sure that I watch it the first week.
I was just so glad that I did.And this movie delivered on so many level:

1.Perfect casting for the males – Kenshin, Sanosuke, Saito

2.The story arc told just the right amount of Kenshin’s history for us to discover his past life but also left us wanting for more
3.The action sequences were AMAZING.And Kenshin’s transition from being a good for nothing wanderer to the fierce legendary samurai is superb.And his swiftness is so believable too.

Although frankly, I would have wanted it to be dubbed in English (I hate subtitles).But I guess, releasing it in its original language makes it much more authentic and faithful to its origin.

I just hope that the producers had the good sense to make a part 2.  Please, please...

Happy Love Month!

Watch: Making Love

I'm promoting this not just because I'm a Thomasian but because it talks about LOVE:

"Making: Love in Fourteen Collaborative Acts" is an art exhibit that features works by different artists and faculty members of the University of Santo Tomas. It will be open from February 11 – 15, 2013, at the Main Lobby, Main Building, University of Santo Tomas, EspaƱa Boulevard, Manila.

This event is open to the Thomasian community and the general public. Interested parties may get in touch with Ms. Anna Nicolas at (02) 4061611 local 8281 for reservations.