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Loveisms #04

Watch: True Love

My love for Coldplay is silent but enduring.

And I am so giddy that they have released this video that would certainly tug at even the most hardened of hearts.

To be honest, I am just so happy to see Chris Martin trying to dance in such a sensitive, awkward but wonderfully endearing way.

I may not be able to relate but I know some of you will.  So enjoy trying not to cry.

My Bestfriend's Wedding

I hate weddings because it’s one of those times that I am reminded of my solitary existence. See related post here.
Which is why I do not understand fate’s insistence that I become a bridesmaid four times over and maid of honor this time around.

This time was a friend’s wedding.A much deserved celebration fora couple who has gone through so much.

I was made to give a speech as a Maid of Honor and I guess in my haze and hunger, I talked about friendship, made some jokes and such.I know I talk a lot but my thoughts are clearer and much more meaningful when written, so I’d like to put a much more meaningful message here:

Dear Cha,

I wanted to find out when we became friends so I searched thru my email to find some clue. I learned that you first emailed me July 2007.About the practicum arrangements which was a requirement for our Master’s.  This started a series of long conversations - on love, life and laughing moments.

How time has flown.Back then, we were so eager to learn, to go back to sch…

Christmas Watchlist

It's the time of the year for wonderful holiday ads.

First on my list is the most recent holiday ad from John Lewis who has always made heartwarming ads:

Please google their other ads if you need to feel a little warmth this Christmas.

Another one worth mentioning is from my favorite cutiepie of the moment, Romeo Beckham.
With such good looking parents, I wonder if he would ever undergo the awkward ugly duckling pre teenage phase that we mortals usually experience.

Now, don't you just wish you can twirl in such a trench coat under the snow?

Love is Blind

I remember that I once saw a blind couple on my way home.  They were travelling together assisted by their little daughter.  And I thought:

How lucky for them to be in a relationship where looks would never matter.

In this time where we put so much emphasis on our physical attributes and attractiveness, relationships such as this are a welcome sight.

Indeed, can you just imagine how unstressful it is to never worry how you look like everyday?  To never be asked the question:  Do I look fat? 

Take a look at the story of Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey who met at a guide dog training course and eventually fell in love with each other.

Now that is a happy story to bring hope and tears of joy to even a jaded one like me. 

Note:  Image from www.grayareasymposium.organd Huffingtonpost

Hallow win!

Our office decided to celebrate Halloween with a trick and treat/ costume party. Each department prepared their own treats and decorated their areas to their heart's content. We decided, after asking permission of course, to turn our boss' area into a horror house. 
And our HR's area too.