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Sorry, I seem to forget to share about another item I have crossed out from my "10 Crazy Things To Do Before I Die" list. 

Here it goes:

This is just up the alley with my dream to shave my head before I die.

Yes, unlike other women, I dream of going bald.
For which my sister said “So you’d be lucky to get cancer, because then you’d have to shave your head before you die”.

I always thank the universe for my loving and witty sisters.

Deep Thoughts and Coffee Talks

“Of course I want to be loved!” came my harsh reply.

We were talking relationship blues over coffee and you just asked me if I am prepared to die an old, lonely woman.

“But I don’t want to be ina relationship.”

You laughed.

“At least the romantic type.” I added, serious this time.

“How can that be?” eyebrows raised, with a frown, you asked.

I laughed.Trust a guy who has been in a whirlwind of romantic relationships all his adult (maybe even adolescent) life, not to get it.

“I am contented with being alone.That doesn’t make me less happy.And we all die anyway.”I said.

“Yet you want to be loved.”You reminded me.

“Of course, who doesn’t?But if I don’t end up with somebody, so be it.I won’t waste sleepless nights over it.”I answered.

Silence.You sip your coffee while I try to interpret your non answer.

Yet your faraway look and sheepish smile told me everything.

You’re not convinced.But for the sake of our comfortable friendship, you are willing to trust me and try to make sense of it all.

You admitte…


I will be starting a new hashtag to celebrate my melancholic mood and the rainy season.

And since the rain make me feel #rainygloomysad and ultra creative, I am starting with this:

He says "I Love You", do you fight, flee or surrender? Note:  Image taken from