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Amazing Doodles

You already know that I'm a sucker for fairytales. Fairytales make me happy and bring back memories of chocolate cookies and sleepovers.

And I just recently stumbled upon this drawings by juicylucyinspired from deviantArt.

They are charming in a childlike way that reminds us of the times we spent daydreaming and doodling when we were younger.

If only I am this creative.  This is the link to her gallery in case you want to see more


Watch: Grieving Dog Refuses to Leave Owner's Grave

In celebration of my new dog, I'm posting this one to remind us all why dogs are called "man's best friend".

Princess Bitch

We all live in a delusion that life is a fairytale.  That falling in love is the be all and end all of our existence.  Afterall, you are destined to find that someone, get married, have children, grow old and have anniversaries.  Movies say so, songs say so, even your harpy gossip-loving married female neighbor seems to think so.

So why don’t you?

I recently read an article by Terry Macmillan (bestselling author and writer for Mad Men, thrice divorced btw) listing the reasons why you are not married.  Here is the link:

And while the reasons (you’re a bitch, you’re shallow, you’re a slut, you’re a liar, you’re selfish and maybe even not good enough) may be true, it hurts to hear it from a woman.

Did she really think that the only reason we can’t find love or get married is because there is something wrong with us?

Forget that some men are liars, cheaters and quite simply commitmentphobe.  Forget that the word “…

Watch: Breaking Dawn

I am such a fan of the Twilight series.

For a young adult fiction, Twilight deals with a lot of serious conflicts.  From going against the norms, to falling to in love, to conquering your fears, to changing loyalties.

Its just so sad that these do not translate well in the movies. Breaking Dawn in particular falls short of all expectations. It failed to deliver on so many levels. And no, I was not just refering to the wedding and the honeymoon scenes (although for a lot, that was the highlight of the movie).  I was more looking forward into the birthing scene and how they would play the imprinting scene with Jacob and the baby.

Overall impression? "Ho hummmm" and a big yawn.  I was unimpressed, uninspired and uninterested.
Most of the scenes were made to play out so long just so they can end with Bella's transition to being a vampire.  Bad decision...

Dissapointing that the Twilight franchise failed to inject the kind of mysticism and wonderment you find in HP films.


I am Not...

This is so true on  a lot of levels.  So let us not stress ourselves...
There is only one Wonderwoman, and she's a fictional character.

The Manny from Manila

You want my opinion? Here it is...

I am proud that Manny won. And with all the efforts he put into his training plus all that pain and bruises, he sure deserved it.

Sadly, I am not that convinced.

I guess my expectations are so big, I myself doesn't know how to downsize it.

As with every Filipino, I was not even interested in the fight. I was just waiting for the news that he won (much better if its thru KO).

And there goes the problem.

I don't remember who said:

"Expectation is the mother of dissapointment" We all expected Manny to be aggressive, to be ruthless and to breeze through the fight and dominate Marquez being the relentless fighter that he is.  Hell, I am even expecting Marquez to just lie there, with Manny dancing and wait for the 1st round to finish.

I guess, even the good ones have their bad days.

The only consolation is that with Manny, even in his bad days, he kicks ass. He clearly is the better boxer, no argument in that.

But do I believe that…

Cute Baby Carl

Saw this one from the Huffington Post and I admit that it has got to be one of the cutest baby pics I've seen so far.

Mom Stephanie Read transformed one year old Rizden to the beloved Carl from the movie Up.

I just want to grab this baby and kidnap him!

Intervention Needed

I had a funny moment during the audit yesterday.

The auditors (yes, there's 2 of them and 1 of me) asked about our vessel familiarization procedure.  I answered that it stopped due to the recent changes in the Imigration Department's management with some other details I am not so sure about.  Luckily my boss chose that time to appear and come to my rescue explaining that the new Head of Imigration has suddenly prohibited any personnel aside from the crew and their wives to board the vessel.

I was so happy with being rescued that I was dumbfounded when he added "But my staff has been very uncooperative with me".  He then continued with "Because there's actually a work around it... they can always marry the crew". 

Although I know that he's just joking, I of course quickly answered 'That is not an option"  and then, upon realizing that both the auditors are Captains, I restated "That is not an option, at the moment" and smiled.


Wonder Woman

I love this quote from Olivia Munn that says:
"I don't think women should be ashamed about their age. That anxiety is wasted energy ... If I stop having birthdays, stop being older...well, I guess that means I'm dead." To all those who don't know, Olivia is a Chinese American, model,  host, comedy actress and author. See the cover of her book below.

So, who said only men can be geeky?  Only geekiness has never been this hot :-)

Watch and Listen: Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

I heard this from my playlist and I decided to post it here because it is one of my favorite music videos from my younger years.

And I liked the lyrics that goes:

I was a bay tree
Quiet and unseen
I lived in stories but inside I kept a mystery
I was a starling
Nobody's darling
Flying around in perfect circles just for company

And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready to be extraordinary

A midnight airplane
A window blowing
I know I am another sparkle in the sky
I shine on copper
Still undiscovered
But you might see me in the corner of my eye

Waking up to wake up someday
I am my own parade
Stopping off at a sidewalk cafe
Wind is playing in threes
Kick up confetti leaves
Seems as if it's all to say

And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready to be extraordinary

How about you? Are you ready?


It's been an eventful start for November as we usher in the "festive" all saints/souls day.

My family and I went to the cemetery to visit our long lost relatives.  Like all Pinoys, we braved the heat and long walk to spend some time with my dad, tito and lola.

It's weird that the day dedicated to the dead is filled with smiles as families reunite and eat together, seemingly in an extended picnic complete with tents and tons of food.

I guess the way we pay tribute to our dead are indeed unique and awe inspiring.

This is me and my sister posing with an almost Frankenstein.

Happy Halloween Everyone!