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Adulting 101

Since this is 2019 and we are all adults here...
Nope, I am not gonna talk about something NSFW. I will stick to my somewhat wholesome, albeit sarcastic self and talk about things that matter to grown ups like you and me.
"Decluttering" - such a simple word, but the effort to make it happen is enough to make me gag.
And though I would consider myself a very low maintenance girl (I do not even have a kikay kit), I still have a lot of "important stuff" hanging around that I loath to get rid of like:
1.  Love letters I got - hey, love letters are extinct and not every girl can boast of being given one so I have kept these to remind me that I was interesting to some people, once upon a time. 2.  Stuff from countries I visited - boarding pass, entrance tickets, travel card, money.  Why do I keep these?  No idea.  Only that I hate to throw them away. 3. Old books and even books I do not like and will never read again - somehow the idea of disposing a book feels so disrespectfu…

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