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Sadness - A Reality

Here's a sad reality in life...

Now that I have the money to buy books,  I have no time to read them.

So I have piles of unread books waiting for me to get unbusy.

Lucky for me, books are patient.  They never complain.

They are like unobtrusive great friends, who are ready to entertain when needed.

If only every time I buy myself a new book, I can also buy some time to read it

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Loveisms #21

Women's Month

Let us be good sisters to each other.

Although I have always been regarded as one of the boys, I have also been blessed with great girlfriends who have eaten fire and dirt with me.
These girls, which I have known since our pimple filled high schooldays have been a great influence in my life.
They have taught me the need for patience, acceptance and a dash of kaartehan.
They have stood by me when I was being difficult (as always), impatient and temperamental.
They have waited for me countless times when I was late,understood my need for space and called out all my bullsh*ts.
In short, these girls made my life entertaining and sweet.
And for a bitter, sarcastic girl like me, I need all the sugary sweetness.
Thank you ladies.

When Writing Is Your Friend

No I did fall out of love with writing.
I just got so busy with life that I forgot myself and what I love.
But since they always said that we should always find time to do what is important to us….
Here it goes….
Writing has always been a sort of therapy for me.  It is what I do to relax and get away from stress and all this craziness we call "life".
So I have always been careful to separate this from work. 
In the past, I have been asked to write about a lot of things.  Some friends have begged me to blog about their products and businesses. Even strangers have contacted me about moneymaking ideas with my blog.
I have refused all these because writing is my hobby.  Yes, feel free to call me crazy or a hypocritical b*tch.
But here's my reason(s):
Writing is what I do when I am stressed about work. 
It is what I turn to when I need an outlet when things do not go well and I need to vent it out.
If I start to impose deadlines and required content on my writing, if I start to get mo…

February Dreams

As we usher in the love month, I want you all to dream of being smothered by all things (and non things) you love...

Find Your Own Contest

Why have we made it our business to look down on people who cannot speak good English?

I am proud of what Maxine has accomplished.  That she was able to do that amidst all the bashers who think they are better individuals than her, is a source of pride in itself.

My message to all those bashers (please note that I am being liberal in using the word "might" here):

You might be smart... you might be good at speaking a foreign language... but Ate, you are lacking the height, good looks and poise to compete head to head with all these global beauties.  In short, this is a beauty contest and all you have is your beautiful English and you won't (and can't) win with just that.

Out of the Box and Into Our Hearts

If there's such a time when we needed more videos to remind us that the entire humanity is made up of people with hearts and heartbreaking stories, then this is it.

This made me smile, it made me cry and it made me believe that acceptance is easy once you learn each other's story.