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Your Disbelief Matters

I do not get shocked by the news that women are sexually abused in all sorts of industries by all sorts of men.

What I am more in shock of is the reaction of disbelief by people when the accussed is someone they know to be "kind, loving and wonderful".

But kind, loving and wonderful people can be perverts too.And sometimes the reason they were able to get away with doing these things to a lot of women is because they are being protected by that same reputation.

As a victim, you cannot believe that this highly respected and loving father groped you at a party.You must have misled him.Or totally misinterpreted the whole situation.
Maybe it was an accident? Better be calm and quiet about it than confront him.Afterall, he is a loving father to his children, he gives to charity and takes in shelter dogs.

And who would believe you anyways?

So women stay silent.They smile and continue on as if nothing happened.They convince themselves that it was no big deal.That maybe nothing really hap…
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The Sadness of a Salad

"Yung diet ka kaya nag salad ka lang.  Kaso yung serving good for 5."

There's a sadness associated with eating a salad.

When we get so much fun eating Lechon.

Does this mean that unhealthy habits make us happier?

I have always believed that whatever makes you happy is good for you.  And while people can judge you all they want, just remember that at the end of the day, whoever dies happy is the winner.

Not That Close

So I went home early evening the other night when I saw this guy struggling to get his things inside our building elevator. 

From the looks of it, he seems to be moving in - alone.

The good girl in me surfaced and I said:  I'll hold the door for you.

When he got all his things inside, I asked:  What floor?

He looked at the blinking lights of the elevator buttons and said:
Nice, 8th floor din ako.  8** ang unit number ko.

And the sarcastic side of me can't help but blurt out:  Ay nagsasabihan na tayo ng unit number?

Really, my life's  exciting sometimes.

Yes, this is a drink

People at the office sometimes go for a drink during Friday nights as part of our bonding sessions.

And since we will be having our Friday off, we scheduled  an after office get together with our newly formed SSC barkada. 

This time we decided to visit a bar outside Malate area to keep away from the younger crowd.

I was surprised that they had a drink called:

I look forward to more night outs, maybe this time with some "good vibes" cocktails :-)

Sadness - A Reality

Here's a sad reality in life...

Now that I have the money to buy books,  I have no time to read them.

So I have piles of unread books waiting for me to get unbusy.

Lucky for me, books are patient.  They never complain.

They are like unobtrusive great friends, who are ready to entertain when needed.

If only every time I buy myself a new book, I can also buy some time to read it

Loveisms #21

Women's Month

Let us be good sisters to each other.

Although I have always been regarded as one of the boys, I have also been blessed with great girlfriends who have eaten fire and dirt with me.
These girls, which I have known since our pimple filled high schooldays have been a great influence in my life.
They have taught me the need for patience, acceptance and a dash of kaartehan.
They have stood by me when I was being difficult (as always), impatient and temperamental.
They have waited for me countless times when I was late,understood my need for space and called out all my bullsh*ts.
In short, these girls made my life entertaining and sweet.
And for a bitter, sarcastic girl like me, I need all the sugary sweetness.
Thank you ladies.