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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

So, how was your Christmas?

Christmas has always been a tiring adventure for our family.  My relatives from the mother’s side are all Catholics so we do the usual Christmas tradition of Misa de Gallo, Noche Buena and all that stuff on Christmas Eve.  Come December 25 is the birthday of my lola from the father side.  Though they all remain to be Iglesia, the whole day is spent  feasting, with the usual family gathering filled with games, presentations and gift giving.

Which is why by 7pm last night, I was already physically drained and fast asleep.

I do not know with other people, but for me, the anticipation of Christmas is the best feeling there is.  The fulfillment of seeing all my gifts piled up and wonderfully wrapped fills me with indescribable fulfillment.

And I do enjoy putting up the Christmas tree and buying all sorts of Christmas decorations as well as playing Christmas music and watching Christmas themed movies.

Sadly, though Filipinos are known to have the longest Christmas season, I can’t help but be sad that it’s over.  And that it would take another 364 days for us to experience it again.

Even an article from CNN listed Philippines as one of the best destinations to experience Christmas.  See link here.

And although a lot can be said about the commercialism of Christmas, I still think that the gift giving tradition is a special ritual that only demonstrates the selflessness and generosity that we all develop come Christmas time. This ritual was even emphasized by well-known Christmas stories about Jesus’ birth which talks about the gift giving tradition by the three wise men and Santa with his toy making elves.

Today, while gifts are given for a variety of reasons and seasons, Christmas will probably reign as the ultimate shopping and gift giving holiday. After all, as far as we (Catholics) are concerned, this holiday was the time that the people of the world received the greatest "gift" of love - Jesus Christ.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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