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5 Happy Facts

I was watching HappySlip this morning on YouTube and I was inspired to write about my 5 Happy Facts that I'd like to share to people. These are usually the things I do to make myself or other people happy.

1. I love organizing things. The problem with this one is that it makes me happy to see my CD's in order, my books arranged by author, my files in properly named folders, my printed handouts in my neat little box of papers "for future use". I've only been like this recently when I realized that there's no use for keeping and holding on to things if you can't really find them when you need them. And I thought that this would make them happy -- to see their things arranged and in order. And then, I remember the time when I was in highschool where I'm ready to shoot at anyone who would dare enter the sanctity of my room and touch my things. So now, if I want things in order and they're not mine, I just put them out of my sight. Now we're all happy.

2. I so love Pinoy Artists. Hale, Miguel Escueta, MYMP, Nina, Sitti, Sugarfree and a lot more. I remember when I was looking for Miguel Escueta's cd in a record store in SM and they told me they only have 2 on stock and that they are bought already. I got pissed. Really pissed, and though I'm usually very cheerful with these selling people, I rudely blurted out "Marami nun sa Quiapo, mabuti nga bumibili ng original. You should stock up on OPM's. They need your help."

3. I'm addicted to grapefruit fragrance oil. When I'm super stressed out, which I always am, I just put some in my room and suddenly I feel relaxed and happy and sleepy too.

4. I like cooking for other people. Ever heard the saying that cooks can't really eat the food that they made? I am like that, maybe that's why I'm thin. I am so into putting all my efforts and creativity ;-) into making decent meals that I loathe to eat them when I'm done.

5. I've discovered audio books. They're cheap, economical and easy to share. I have long denied my love for audio books being an old fashioned book geek that I am. But I admit that I don't really have the time and focus to sit for hours and just read. I have discovered that by listening to audio books, I can still do something while "reading" and it won't hurt my eyes too.


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