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Tebowing is the New Planking

Finally, a real life religious hero!  And I ‘m not talking about Bro. Mike (my apologies, El Shaddai followers).

He is no other than football sensation Tim Tebow who’s term Tebowing can be accredited for.

Let’s start with some trivia:
Tim Tebow is the 24-year old NFL quarterback of the Denver Broncocs. He is a multi awarded athlete, setting collegiate records in football throughout his college years while in the University of Florida.

His post game speech after a loss was imortalized by the University as a testament to his legacy.  It is called "The Promise". 

You can find the link here.

He has spent his early years being homeschooled together with his siblings.  And, he was born here in the Philippines to American missionary parents.

Much crticized for showing his faith using inkmarks to display his favorite bible verses, his black ink biblical reference to John 3:16 became the most searched bible verse in google with over 94 million people searching it before and after the game.

When asked about his reaction to this phenomena:  “My first reaction is that, how could 94 million people not know John 3:16?  Then of course it's cool.  It's awesome.”

Even fellow footballers are commenting on his overzealous ways of expressing his devotion.  To which Tebow replies: " A man needn't express his love for his wife only on their wedding day, but all the time."

And you can find him on TV after the game professing his faith and talking about how he was more excited to build a children's hospital in the Philippines than he was in leading his team on a last minute win.
Truly, a man after a faithful's heart! 

And on Tebowing, (which is now officially recognized in the English language which means: to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different), here are just few examples:

Tebowing is the new planking!  Click the link if you want to see more:

Oh, and he has a book out titled "Through My Eyes".

That's the thing about my faith: It's not just something that happens when you're at church or happens when you're praying or reading the Scripture. It's a part of who you are, as a person, as a player, in your life and everything," Tebow said. "And it should be who you are because you're not just a Christian or a believer at church. That's who you are everywhere and it shouldn't matter what situation or what setting you are in. Hopefully, you're the same guy everywhere.

He has even inspired several dating articles on the net.  Here is one…

So to the question : “Should you date someone like Tim Tebow?”

My answer would be “Hell, yeah!” or more appropriately “Heaven, yes I will!!!”.


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