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An Excuse To Be Rude

Since I am deep sh*t in work right now, I will share to you something that might help you appreciate those hateful tasks that we all need to do to survive the hell that we call "work".

Let us talk about Effort Justification:

According to The Daily Omnivore:

"Effort justification is an idea and paradigm in social psychology stemming from psychologist Leon Festinger’s theory of Cognitive Dissonance (discomfort caused by holding conflicting thoughts or feelings at the same time). Effort justification is people’s tendency to attribute a greater value (more than the objective value) to an outcome they had to put effort into acquiring or achieving.   In short, this theory states that people tend to like things more as the cost or effort to get a certain thing increases."

An good example for this are sites like Facebook, which requires an invitation or friend request  to be able to access other users. This meant that people had to actively seek out an invitation in order to use the site. Once they had achieved this goal, they feel a certain investment in the product or service as they had exerted a lot of effort to achieve initial success. This is also the marketing strategy used by successful companies like Apple, which limits supplies during the primary rollout of their products so people would have to wait in line to gain access to the limited supply.  This puts more value  to their acquisition more than they would have otherwise.

This is the reason why fraternities have initiation rites.  And maybe why ladies play hard to get?

So next time you wanted something to be done, be rude.  Reading this gives you the perfect excuse. 



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