Christmas Will Come and Go Even If We Have Less

How's your Christmas?

To many of us who think that the worst thing about this season is having less money to spend on, let us then pause for a moment to reflect on the plight of our fellow Filipinos who have been victims of the recent typhoon.

While it may seem that the worst is finally over and people can now return to their home towns and try to rebuild and reclaim their previous lives, we must never forget the life lessons that this sweeping tragedy has taught us.

Life is short and precious.  And material things, no matter how costly are nothing compared to the lives of the people we love.

In these trying times, it is our faith and resilience as a Filipino that will help us get through whatever trials we are still to encounter.

As for our fellow kababayan's, they might be homeless but certainly not hopeless.

Note: Photo courtesy of Christian Zamora, taken by his brother Rem.

I am also posting the link to for all those interested to help.


  1. Kudos, Bani. It is such a sad fact of life that Christmas now is more focused on what Santa can give us than what we have been given by Christ. People just seem to forget that important fact.

  2. Thanks Tin. I think as bloggers, we should do our part in raising awareness. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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