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Watch: Bones

It's time I write about my favorite tv series, Bones.

What I like most about Bones is that it features a very smart, strong willed and independent character based on the real life author and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs.  Sure, we have a lot of TV shows featuring women as the central characters, but somehow those shows do not feel as empowering and inspiring.  Just take these examples:

1.   Sex and the City -  Rich, independent  and career oriented women looking for – s… (shoes perhaps?)

2.  Cougartown – When an older woman is attractive enough to get a younger guy, she is immediately characterized as a member of the cat family

3.  Gossip Girl - Young and fashionably dressed women who love to gossip

4.   Ugly Betty – If you’re pretty, you’re likely a scheming bitch.  But if you are a sensitive, kind hearted girl, you’re… well… “ugly”

5.   Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars, etc. – The title says it all.  Ouch!

I would like to think that this is because most American writers are men and don’t have any idea how wonderful and brilliant we are. Frankly, it would hurt to know that women writers use their creative talents to produce shows that, while entertaining, can also be misleading.  Women are so much more complex, competent and gifted than what we are made to appear. 

I guess, you don’t need any TV series to tell you that. 

Talking about the current season... I, like most fans have been shocked and left hanging (or as in my case, open mouthed and hyperventilating) with the last season’s final episode, which ends with Brennan being pregnant with Booth’s child.

This is definitely an unexpected twist and something that I am quite nervous about. 

I’ve recently come across an article that explains the Moonlighting Effect. The so-called rule that says, if you allow romantic tension between the male and female lead characters to actually develop into a relationship, then it’s all over. It comes from the show Moonlighting when Bruce Willis' and Cybil Shepherd's characters got together and the show's rating plumetted.

Thankfully, 6 episodes into the season and I don’t feel like the tension is going down anytime soon. On the contrary, I find their arguments and bickering more intense now as it is about more serious matters like babies and family life.

This for me is a good thing because while they continue to gain more fans every season, we have to accept that the core fan base (those who have been there from the start) have also grown up and old through the years.

It's great that the show matures together with its audience.

And the fact that Brennan and Booth has got to be one of the oddest couple there is, is the highlight of their relationship. The difference in personalities and beliefs play a big part on whether we can see them as a successful couple, which still maintains the "will they or won’t they" intrigue.

I'm already looking forward to the twists of this season.


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