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Watch: The Dark Knight Rises

I’m not really a fan of the Caped Crusader but I admire him nonetheless.

I think that Batman is so relatable to kids and men of all ages because he is the most human among all the superheroes.  He has no special powers whatsoever.  Well, aside from killer good looks, tons of money and to die for hi tech toys.

And I so love that Christian Bale is the one playing Batman. 

For this movie, there are certain details that I like:

1.The kickass villain who almost destroyed Gotham City is a woman.

I bet you didn’t see that coming!  And I personally liked her style.  Seduce then betray.  Definitely a woman’s tactic.

But Batman should have noticed.  An extremely attractive woman who would sleep with you when you are broke, limping and wet from rain is certainly suspicious.  Never mind that you look like a wasted Christian Bale.

OK, a wasted Christian Bale is still way attractive than most men, but really?  Won’t you be a little bit doubtful?

This only shows that even superheroes are blinded by their passion (or lust).

2. Another fierce character is Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.

Nolan did a good job in making his version a more subtle one to veer away from the previous ones and shatter all expectations. Catwoman here is portrayed as a tough woman just trying to survive unfortunate circumstances.

Even the choice of actress to play the role is surprising. Anne looks more like a smart librarian than a seductive and conniving thief.

3. Then there’s judge Cillian Murphy who asks the question “Death or Exile?”  and when you choose death, he declares “Death…by exile” Hahaha!

4. And Bane?  Let us just say that I cannot believe Tom Hardy was able to pull that off.   I almost did not recognize him.  He is truly a transformational actor much like Johnny Depp.

5. And lastly, Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson.  Liam Neeson.

Nuff said.

The ones I did not like?

Well, I’m really a fan so its hard to follow the story. Bane’s dialogue sounds hazy sometimes.  And a villain who is interested in the stock market? Hmmm...

The good part?

Haven’t you figured out that JGL would make a surprisingly nerdy but unbelievably adorable Robin?   Kinda like the new Spiderman.

I’m glad  that superheroes now are more smart, sensitive and normal looking. That we are slowly switching from  the typical macho (think Superman and Thor) superheroes to the more realistic dudes like Ironman, Spiderman and Robin.

As Batman said “Anyone can be a superhero.”

This Batman movie certainly suffered from the Colorado shooting.  I urge everyone not to blame the movie. 

The Colorado shooting only proves that the emergence of superhero movies does not always make us want to be a hero.  Some of us delight in being the anti hero.  The one who would kill all the hope and happiness in this world.  That is why stories are never without them, just as in real life.  And while people  idolize the crime-fighting, justice loving hero, some would also root for the lone villain who is alone in his quest for vengeance.  That is why it is very important that we make children understand the essence of these movies. 

Christian Bale visiting the victims
And remind the lessons we all need to learn: Good always triumphs over evil!


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