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Read: Girls' Poker Night

We all need a dose of some chicklit now and then.

So I got myself this book.

I've been a fan of poker since I learned it from my guy friends. And I think its weird that guys kind of have their "poker nights" where they drink, tell stories and gamble as part of their male bonding rites.

Their conversation usually goes like this:

Guy Friend 1:  Poker?
Guy Friend 2:  Sure.  How about friday night?
Guy Friend 3: Bring the beer bro!
Me:  Uh, can I join?

Too late for them to realize that I don't know a thing about poker.  So they taught me and I beat the sh*t (or chips) out of them.  Too bad, we don't use real money.

Guess what?  I've never been invited or allowed to join again.

Now back to the book...

Girls' Poker Night features Ruby who writes a column titled "Single Girl" (Ok, that thing about poker is just crap, the book had me at the word "Single") who decided to apply for a job in the big city to escape a relationship and find herself, then ended up falling in love with her boss (cliche, but this is chicklit right?).

Of course, it took a while for the falling in love part as Ruby tries to navigate her life surrounded my weird, psychotic friends who like her, are having relationship problems.

The one thing I like about this book is that Jill Davis made Ruby, the funny, neurotic girl we all want to be friends with.  Or maybe she is YOU - the smart but messed up girl who "have a head full of ideas about improving one's life but lacks the fearlessness to implement".

Or maybe, like Ruby, you have an "unavailable heart" and always felt that one's life goal is towards self preservation.

Until we meet that someone who would teach us that "self preservation feels genuinely lonely".

There are many quotes in this book that would make you laugh out loud.  But most of all, lines that would make for a great advise.

"There are mistakes we made when were young that can't be fixed when we're older so we live with them"

"Everyday the opportunity exists to change your life.  But most days, the idea of having to change the big things in life just seems like too much work"

"My advice is to start out with a dysfunctional relationship first.  Purge yourself of all your weird quirks like going through his wallet while he's sleeping.  I mean, use up all your nuttiness and psychosis on Mr. Wrong because trust me, he's using his wackiest shit on you too."

"When you run into love and it seems like some psychedelic mystery, look at it again and again, and keep looking at it until you realize the only mystery is how you've gotten by so long without it"

And my best laugh out loud moment:

"I've used up all of my sick days - so I'm calling in dead."

If you're a girl who just wants to read a light, witty and funny book, go read this one.  And prepare yourself for a different kind of female bonding moments without the shopping.


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