Conversation with Richard Madden - Nerd HQ HD

2 of my favorite guys in 1 video?

Guess this is my lucky day.
I never thought the day would come when Chuck would meet the King of the North, Robb Stark.
Richard Madden gets interviewed in NerdHQ’s Conversations for a Cause benefiting Operation Smile.
King of the North looks so charmingly shy and awkward during the interview.  But so endearingly lovable. 
Let me just say that his accent is “to die for”.  And props to the panel for making this a very lively and interesting converstation.
Here are some bits from the panel conversation:
On being Prince Charming:  “It's not a promotion though, I mean I’m down to being a prince.”
On who he would like to have single combat fight with: “I'd like to have a fight with Jon Snow.  I wouldn’t know who would win it.  It would be the best fight and it would be to the death.”
(Someone shouted Geoffrey here but Richard quipped “it wouldn't last long if it was Geoffrey, would it?”)
On who he would like on the Iron Throne:  “A combination of Jon Snow and Danaerys”
On the future of GOT and if there would be any Starks left:  “I can see it as being season 9 and it would just be three dragons.”

Oh, and Richard's real life girlfriend drops by on this video (but we're not really interested in that are we?) 
And not to forget my guy Zachary Levi on giving advise to new struggling artists “Start with theatre.  If you don't love it there, then  you're getting into for the wrong reasons. If you do not like it when you don’t have money... then you’re in it for the wrong reason.
Feast your senses and enjoy the video.


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