I'm Running in the Rain, what a glorious feeling!

I will never be a sporty person.
While friends my age has delightedly embraced the whole “healthy living” mantra, I will forever be stuck with my own which is a derivative of the ever famous “Let us eat and be merry for tomorrow we shall die”.
Thus, it was a personal shock that I decided to enlist in a fun run (mind you, I have a totally different idea of fun and it usually does not involve moving and getting tired).
As further proof of my insanity, I dragged my younger sister with me since I know that she will benefit from losing some pounds. 

Porky after losing 5lbs.
This is my sister whom we fondly call Porky.  She likes it, I know she does.  And we love her, fats and all!
Unfortunately for us, Sept. 22 turned out to be a rainy Sunday morning which for my true self is just the perfect day (and weather) to lie down and get lots of sleep.  My real idea of fun.

But since I am loathe to waste what would probably be the only moment I aspire to get healthy, I decided to go for it and run.
Yes, run in the rain – slippery road, wet socks and all!
It was definitely a memorable experience and something that I would never do again.


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